samedi 5 juillet 2008

Cat Boccaccio

Par le hasard de mes voyages je me suis trouvé sur une place d’une sim Portugaise, très dynamique notamment en matière artistique.

Si vous aimez l’érotisme, rendez vous alors à

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En voici quelques extraits
My goal is to combine natural-looking female avatars with the magical and often exotic Second Life environments. Soft and warm and sensuous, like real women, with life in their eyes and strong emotions or playful feelings communicated by the way they interact with their environment and with the camera.
All my photographs are original, taken at actual Second Life locations, not in a studio, enhanced and then uploaded for framing and display. I am the model, photographer, technician and artist for the works you see.
Beautiful custom portraits are also available; please get in touch to find out more.

Lu dans son profile
I like happiness, however it comes!
I take pictures in SL. Please check out my current Second Life exhibits (TPs available in Picks). Join my group! Search for 'Cat's Eye Art and Photography' in Groups.

J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à regrader ses photos...à suivre

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