mercredi 2 juillet 2008

Second Life is part of your Real Life!

Dans le cadre du SL Birthday, un petit land de 240 sqm a attiré notre attention.

hannes Breda, vous accueille, en anglais, et vous invite a partager ses recherches sur comment SL peut influencer la vie RL...

hannes Breda: what we are trying to do with the group is two things at the same time: give people an opportunity to talk about these issues among themselves in a safe and nice surrounding (our own non profit island we are building)...

Auteur : ReporterSoleil Thor

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Hein a dit…

Thanks (merci)for the blog. The second thing we want to do is start a research program to find out how to tackle the challenges of SL.
Sorry, i can't translate it in French.

hannes Breda