dimanche 20 avril 2008

Pa Decosta to Bluestar music Temple

Ce soir un très grand spectacle en live par un grand guitarist..


Pa Decosta is a guitarist/songwriter from Portugal, with a background of playing in rock bands.

He started playing in high school during the late seventies and hasn't stopped ever since.

His solo act in Second Life is a mix of his own acoustic songs with love songs from brazilian composers and others, with the classical guitar as sole musical support.

He also plays synth guitar and improvises on more esoteric compositions when the mood is right.

Pa is also the vocalist and guitarist for the Produto Acabado Band, a four member band from Portugal with vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums performing original smoking and driving blues!

Band members include: Guru - Guitar and Vocals, Cota - Bass, Mac - Keyboards and Jota - Drums. To catch a glimpse of his present band, please


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